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Love game shows? C’mon, admit it—whenever you were sick from work or school, you watched a certain show hosted by Bob Barker…right?

Well, now you don’t have to go all the way out to Hollywood to be part of the excitement! If you’re planning an event—whether it’s for your company, a charity fundraiser, a private party, or anything—and you’re looking for unique entertainment, “The Original Game Show LIVE!” brings the fun, the feel, and most importantly, the fabulous prizes of a real game show experience for you and your group!

Our Audiences Have Included:

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cutout-smallerHost WHIP CHEESY selects contestants right from your group, and he even picks one of them to be his “lovely assistant”! There will be a variety of games played throughout the event, and each one is modeled after a TV game show that most audience members will be familiar with. So if you want something to get the crowd going besides the same old band, DJ, or casino night, you definitely need to contact “The Original Game Show LIVE!”